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We work to bring you mental health news & research.


Striving to help others reach mental and physical wellness.

A Resource for Your Family

As an educational website, Programs for Troubled Teens works to provide families with the resources necessary to understand and work through the challenges facing them. We understand that this is a confusing and tumultuous time–all we hope to do is help guide you towards a solution that is best for your entire family. 

Real Resources

Sometimes it’s hard to find accurate, non-biased information about mental illness and behavioral issues online. That’s why we compile medically-based resources to help you find your way.

Expert Advice

Featuring knowledgeable contributions from both psychologists and doctors, we give families insight and perspective on the struggles and questions they’re facing.

Helpful Information

When you’re making such an important decision, it’s important to find practical, actionable suggestions that your family can actually use. We’re dedicated to providing help for you. 

Latest Research

Stay up-to-date on all the most current discoveries and studies in the field of mental health research with our comprehensive, easy-to-understand bulletins and blog posts.

Helping families move forward.

We aim to bring you information that will help your family take steps to succeed.

Every teenager is unique, so is every treatment program. That’s why we present information on dozens of therapeutic options for families to choose from. Whether it’s the immersion of wilderness therapy, the stable progress of behavioral therapy, or the intensive focus of residential treatment, we want to help you find the treatment that’s right for you.

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