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5 Tips for Finding the Best Therapeutic Boarding School for Your Child

best therapeutic boarding school

When your child is dealing with emotional and behavioral problems, finding the best therapeutic boarding school should be a top priority.

This relatively new approach to mental health has given rise to countless institutions where children and teens can focus on getting better while also keeping up their academic path.

But finding the right therapeutic school is not that easy. Many variables can alter the outcome of this process.

First of all, each institution focuses on treating a specific spectrum of problems. For example, some therapeutic schools are may be specialized in treating drug-related problems, while others have programs designed specifically for victims of abuse.

Second, being a relatively new approach, some parents are skeptical about the effectiveness of therapeutic boarding programs. After all, you can’t expect someone to be 100% okay with enrolling their troubled child or adolescent in a program they know nothing about.

What is a Therapeutic Boarding School?

A therapeutic boarding school is a specialized institution where children can receive both education and in-depth counseling. Using a wide variety of therapeutic approaches, these alternative schools are ideal for troubled children and adolescents.

From emotional and behavioral problems to learning disabilities, therapeutic schools are viable alternatives to boot camps or wilderness therapy.  

Unlike traditional schools, therapeutic boarding schools focus on restoring children’s mental and emotional health by cultivating a holistic approach to education.

In other words, students acquire a solid academic background while also working through their issues.

Before you choose a therapeutic boarding school for your troubled child, there are a couple of things you should consider.

best therapeutic boarding school
How to Find the Best Therapeutic Boarding School:
1. Check out their admissions criteria

The best therapeutic boarding schools will always have strict admissions criteria. The purpose of this approach is to ensure a good match between the child and the environment in which he/she will spend a significant amount of time.

Since each school has its own specific intervention strategies, finding the right one for your child requires some serious digging.

2. Ask for Credentials

To ensure your child receives the best possible services, make sure to ask for credentials.

Both teachers and counselors should have a solid academic background and all the certifications required to practice their profession. If you’re probably not familiar with the licensing process, go online and do some light research. You should find plenty of useful resources.  

3. Educate yourself about their therapy programs

Since therapy is a crucial aspect of the process, the best therapeutic boarding schools will always opt for science-backed approaches.

According to a recent study, dialectical behavior therapy seems to work well in residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools.

Aside from individual therapy, good boarding schools offer group therapy and family therapy.

4. Ask to talk to an alumni family

If you’re looking to get a n honest opinion, talk to an alumni family. Parents of children who’ve already graduated from boarding school can give you plenty of useful information.

Ask them about the curriculum, the admissions criteria, the therapeutic approach, and the overall vibe of the campus.

5. Be patient and do your homework thoroughly

To find the best therapeutic boarding school for your troubled child or adolescent, you need to do your homework thoroughly.

Since your child’s future and mental health depends on you choosing the best possible option, you can’t just pick the first option you find online. Look beyond flashy websites and heartwarming testimonials.

Be patient and browse through all the available options until you find the right one for your child.

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