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Interesting Anxiety Facts That You May Have Not Known

Since October 10 marked the World Mental Health Day, we’ve decided to bring you three anxiety facts that we hope will clear away some of the misconceptions around this subject.

Given that nearly 18 percent of the entire U.S. adult population is struggling with anxiety, helping people get past all the myths and stigma associated with this condition should be a top priority.

In a recent post by, several mental health professionals shared their expert opinions on anxiety disorders. If you think you may be struggling with anxiety, here’s what you should know.

anxiety facts
Anxiety Fact #1: Anxiety can be a valuable tool

Although many of us associate anxiety with an unpleasant sensation of restlessness and worry, there are times when this mechanism can prove extremely useful.

For example, anxiety is what keeps us from driving at 80 mph in a residential area. Anxiety is what keeps us ‘sharp’ when passing through a dark alley on our way back from work.

In fact, even a public presentation wouldn’t be as exciting without a bit of anxiety to mobilize your inner resources.

Anxiety Fact #2: We don’t overcome anxiety but learn to manage it

Today, the Internet is bristling with articles and guides on how to stop/end/overcome anxiety. Countless self-proclaimed experts promise to “cure” your anxiety in X easy steps.

But since this reaction is hardwired into our brains – as a valuable survival mechanism – it’s impossible to eliminate it entirely.

That’s why mental health professionals emphasize the role of anxiety management and prevention techniques as opposed to quick fixes.

Anxiety Fact #3: Anxiety doesn’t appear out of the blue

When we talk about unhealthy anxiety, there’s always an underlying cause responsible for our unpleasant symptoms. Whether it’s a consequence of abuse or the result of dysfunctional parenting styles, discovering the cause of your anxiety is the first steps towards healing.

In the end, if you feel like anxiety has gotten out of control, consult a healthcare professional asap.

If you wish to play a role in promoting mental health, share these anxiety facts with someone who might be struggling with this problem.

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