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Assessment Centers

Advantages to Troubled Teen Programs: How They Help
Troubled teen programs provide adolescents with a nurturing home-away environment. Each program is unique, and offers specific treatments for various disorders. “Within each treatment program, certain types of therapies or combinations of therapies are used to combat the specific mental...
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How Assessment Centers Help Properly Diagnose Your Struggling Teen
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Assessment centers play a crucial role in the recovery of troubled teens. In fact, a thorough evaluation of your child’s problem represents the first step in achieving mental health and well-being. Whether your teen is struggling with emotional or behavioral...
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Is Your Child Struggling? A Teen Mental Health Assessment Can Help
What is a Teen Mental Health Assessment? A teen mental health assessment is “when a health professional tries to understand how your child’s mental health is affecting his quality of life.” The best place to start is with your teen’s...
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A New Lens: Seeing Clearly with a Teen Diagnostic Center
Families experience mental health crises with their teens every day and many don’t know who to turn to for help. Pediatricians may not have the necessary credentials to properly diagnose or treat your teen. Furthermore, when a teen has been...
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