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Behavioral Problems

Different Types of Programs for Troubled Teens
Troubled teens can need a lot of help as they navigate their own mental and emotional boundaries on the path to wellness. Sometimes these needs can be met through family therapy, school counseling, or religious help. Other times, some more...
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Treatment Programs that Help Transform Negative Teen Behavior
Parenting Bad Teen Behavior Parenting a troubled teen is never easy. It can be even more difficult if the teen is violent, depressed or engaged in negative behavior that is affecting everyone around them. It can be difficult to determine...
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technology addiction
The Effects of Technology Addiction on Teens
The teenage brain is in a crucial period of development between the ages of twelve and eighteen. They are developing key social and occupational skills that will follow them the rest of their lives. Teens, however, are exposed to a...
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Parenting Tips for Recognizing Bad Teen Behavior
Recognizing bad teen behavior can be hard to identify. Every teenager goes through a phase of independence. Instead of coming to their parents for guidance, they confide in their friends. Unfortunately, friends can have a negative influence on your teen’s...
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Worried About Your Teen Drinking? Here’s What You Need To Do
Teen drinking is a serious concern, and it can have lifelong consequences. It leads to car accidents, violent behavior, alcohol poisoning, and other health problems. Parents need to stress the importance of the negative consequences attributed to alcohol. Teens are...
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Behavioral Problems: Is It One of the Effects of Social Media Use?
Dangers of social media use Over the last decade, the effects of social media use have been a hot topic among researchers. According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), around 40% of U.S. students use digital media...
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