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Neurodevelopmental Disorders

ADHD Scale: How it Determines if Your Child Has ADHD
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Have you ever wondered how an ADHD scale works? How exactly do mental health professionals determine if your child or adolescent has ADHD? But most importantly, how much can we rely on modern medicine’s evaluation tools? As a concerned parent,...
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Helpful Tips for Parenting Teens with Autism
Parents of teens with autism go through a lot of stress. The constant tantrums, the lack of support, the absence of government programs, and many other obstacles can cause serious family drama. Recently, Psychology Today published an article written by...
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aspergers teen
Understanding Your Aspergers Teen and Procrastination
Being the parent of an Aspergers teen can be quite frustrating and challenging. The lack of focus, the failure to turn in homework assignments, and the constant inconsistency with daily chores can cause friction between parents and teens. A recent...
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5 Ways a Teen Autism Program Could Help Your Child Grow
Autistic teens experience the world differently than regular teens. They have sensitivities to audible and physical stimuli. With the onslaught of teenage hormones, autistic teens will struggle more with emotional outbursts and adapting to their changing world. There are options...
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“I Like to Move It”: Exercise Shown to Improve Mental Health and Wellbeing in Teens
The internet contains resources and tips for improving mental health and wellbeing in teens. The number one recommendation for improving wellbeing in teens is exercise. There are even numerous studies that support this suggestion, like a recent one by Yale...
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teens with autism
Google Glass Shown to Improve Critical Skills in Teens with Autism
When it comes to social interactions and reading emotions, teens with autism often encounter difficulties. This, in turn, affects their ability to interact with others in a functional and meaningful way. Fortunately, a new study conducted by researchers at the...
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Red Flags: Types of Learning Disorders in Teens & Their Symptoms
Learning disorders in teens are not uncommon. However, teens will hide their difficulties with school until they are beyond assistance. Learning disorders can do more than hurt a teen’s school work. They can be a lifelong battle. Teens who experience...
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