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Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Different Types of Programs for Troubled Teens
Troubled teens can need a lot of help as they navigate their own mental and emotional boundaries on the path to wellness. Sometimes these needs can be met through family therapy, school counseling, or religious help. Other times, some more...
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Advantages to Troubled Teen Programs: How They Help
Troubled teen programs provide adolescents with a nurturing home-away environment. Each program is unique, and offers specific treatments for various disorders. “Within each treatment program, certain types of therapies or combinations of therapies are used to combat the specific mental...
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Looking for Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Teens? Here’s What You Need to Know
The life of a teenager is complicated. They are experiencing hormonal changes, learning social skills, and transitioning into adulthood. Parents question their teen’s behavior, unsure if they are experiencing normal teenage problems or more significant issues. If your teen is...
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Why Therapeutic Boarding Schools are Valuable for Struggling Teens
What is a Therapeutic Boarding School? A therapeutic boarding school is “an educational institution that not only serves a therapeutic role, but also has a residential program. Therapeutic boarding schools are for students whose home lives may not be conducive...
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The Academic Benefits to a Therapeutic Boarding School
What is a Therapeutic Boarding School? A therapeutic boarding school is an alternative school. These programs manage troubled teens twenty-four hours a day. They provide a safe and holistic environment for distressed teens to heal. Therapeutic boarding schools offer excellent...
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Why Therapeutic Boarding Schools are the Best Option for Troubled Teens
Therapeutic boarding schools are an option for troubled teens that have difficulty in traditional schools. Therapeutic boarding schools are alternative schools that specialize in both education and therapy. Part academic institution, part residential treatment program, therapeutic boarding schools are a...
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5 Tips for Finding the Best Therapeutic Boarding School for Your Child
When your child is dealing with emotional and behavioral problems, finding the best therapeutic boarding school should be a top priority. This relatively new approach to mental health has given rise to countless institutions where children and teens can focus...
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End of Summer: Back to School Tips for Parents of Troubled Teens
Summer is the time of year teens spend with their friends. They enjoy time away from school and teachers and strict rules. When school starts again, teens begrudgingly get up early and heads back to class to learn. However, when...
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Troubled Teen: 5 Positive Effects of Therapeutic Schools
For parents and family members living with a troubled teen, every day can feel like a battle when traditional treatment options fail to work. While difficult, a teenager whose behavioral issues are excessive, parents need to consider the option of...
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