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Wilderness Therapy

Are Teen Boot Camps More Harmful Than Helpful?
What are Teen Boot Camps? When troubled teens are on the path to jail, parents “begin to look at a more extreme option: boot camps. These are institutions that run a rigorous, military-like program that is very heavy on discipline...
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How Wilderness Therapy Can Help Your Troubled Teen
What is Wilderness Therapy? Wilderness therapy is a restorative intervention for troubled adolescents. It “provides a secure, non-critical, and supportive environment for self-discovery.” Wilderness therapy is beneficial for teens suffering from mental, emotional, and physical disorders. It also helps teens...
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Learning By Doing: The Power of Experiential Learning For Struggling Teens
The current educational curriculum focuses on scholastic achievement. Schools emphasize academic learning, and don’t touch upon experiential learning. Many students struggle with learning, social, and emotional disorders. Adolescents cannot thrive in traditional academic environments. Experiential learning teaches teens to discover,...
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Is Your Child Struggling? 3 Ways Teen Treatment Programs Help
Parents struggle with the idea of sending their teen to a long-term residential treatment program. The stigma attached to addiction and mental health issues prevent many from seeking help. Teen treatment programs are designed to treat more than addiction. They...
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outdoor therapy for teens
The Power of Nature: 4 Benefits of Outdoor Therapy for Teens
Outdoor therapy offers a self-exploration and self-growth process which equips teens with all the skills and abilities they need to live a happy, fulfilling life.  Over the last decades, outdoor therapy for teens received massive attention from both the scientific community...
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