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Cyberbullying: How You Can Help Your Teen

Cyberbullying Teens are constantly exposed to technology in many forms. They are connected to the world nearly twenty-four seven through phones, computers, tablets and gaming devices. They spend so much of their time of social media and message app that their minds are flooded with negatively. Cases of cyberbullying have grown exponentially and its affecting teens in so many ways.

Parents ask themselves what they can do about cyberbullying. Many feel lost among the numerous apps and constant connectivity. Some parents have never dealt with online bullying. 

There are 3 great tips for parents on how to teach their teens how to handle cyberbullying.
1. Speak Up!

Teens are told that snitching on someone else will cause trouble. They fear the repercussions of speaking up for themselves or telling an authority about bullying. Speaking up is the number one thing parents can teach teens to do when cyberbullying occurs. By telling someone, bullying can be stopped and addressed.

Teach teens they can report incidences of cyberbullying to the school. There are anonymous reporting systems available that will allow them to say something without being called out. If the cyberbullying is occurring online, websites, apps, and games can address it. Develop a relationship with your teen and let them know you are a trusted adult and they can talk to you without judgement.

2. Show You Care

Parents can show teens that they really care for them and want to protect them. Parents can teach teens to care for those who are bullied and show they are not allow. Work together with your teens to build a team of peers and parents to support those who are being cyberbullied.

3. Listen Carefully

Teens say their parents don’t listen. When teens try to confide in them, they don’t want their parents to ignore them or try to understand. They really want parents to listen. They want what they have to say to feel important.

For more tips for teens and parents to stop cyberbullying or gather more information on what cyberbullying is, this website is a great resource for information. They provide opportunities for parents to teach teens about bullying.

If your teen is struggling, click here to learn more about treatment options.