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63 E 11400 S #186, Sandy, Utah, USA 84070-6705

Aspiro is the pioneer of Wilderness Adventure Therapy offering short-term, intermediate treatment options for teenagers and young adults. Our intensive outdoor treatment program is residential in nature providing multidisciplinary treatment solutions that are safe, effective, and clinically sophisticated.

Aspiro provides an integrated treatment approach consisting of caring, honest and respectful communication that is focused on the relationship. This comprehensive model creates a setting which allows for a distraction-free and nurturing atmosphere where students can begin to heal from anger, depression, anxiety, family conflict, and more. We also work with students who need more individualized planning to assist in increasing awareness, acceptance, and growth of their neuro-developmentaldifferences. Students are able to explore vulnerabilities during their experience at Aspiro, ultimately enabling them to develop the coping skills and inner-strength necessary for long-term success.

A focus on the concepts of self-efficacy, intrinsic motivation and healthy identity development are instrumental at Aspiro. Our many years of research suggest that each of these three concepts are primary indicators of healthy growth and development among adolescents and young adults. Exposure to the many diverse environments throughout the state of Utah enables our team to obtain an accurate functional assessment and provide students with an opportunity to build skills that will effectively transfer to life at home.

Aspiro was founded in 2005 by a group of clinicians, industry leaders, and experts in residential and wilderness treatment programs. These pioneers had a hunch that adding adventure to program activities would provide unique assessment and treatment opportunities. Aspiro stepped forward into new territory by designing therapeutic adventure programming, intentionally broadening the scope of wilderness therapy treatment options. Our program is uniquely based on a three-pillar system of wilderness, adventure, & therapy.

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