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139 N 100 W, Saint George, Utah, USA 84770-2803

Our son, enrolled in At The Crossroads in July, 2007 and was a student there for nine months, after coming from a 45 day Wilderness Therapy Program. Kyle had suffered with significant depression, anxiety, and drug addiction for 3 years.

Kyle was able to find a better balance and structure in his life through working closely with the team at At The Crossroads. He benefited greatly in dealing with his depression and anxiety through the services provided by the counselors, therapist, staff colleague, and psychiatrist in At The Crossroads. Kyle also became strongly involved in the local narcotics anonymous group in the city of St. George, which greatly assisted him in maintaining his sobriety. At The Crossroads was such a good fit for Kyle as it encouraged him to deal with the realities and responsibilities of life while giving him the tools and support he needed to be successful.

At The Crossroads staff was so supportive of our family as well. When we had questions or concerns they were always there for us. We found the family workshop to be a wonderful experience and a great opportunity to meet the families, be with our son, and to share our stories and support. It was great to meet the staff that was doing so much to improve the quality of our son’s life.

Kyle fell in love with the warm climate and beautiful red rock scenery of St. George. Kyle was able to find contentment for the first time in years while in At The Crossroads program and chose to stay and live in St. George after he left the program. It is comforting for us to know that At The Crossroads team is still nearby and Kyle continues to receive services from his therapist, staff colleague and psychiatrist.

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