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PO Box 1310, Thompson Falls, Montana, USA 59873-1310

Located in the scenic mountains of northwestern Montana, Building Bridges has been helping families since 1996.
Our goal is to help your child develop the necessary tools to lead a sober and productive lifestyle. The young men in our program develop new skills, strengthen their ability to cope with everyday challenges in a sober manner, and learn to interact positively with their community, their school, and their family, all while having a good time and learning new positive outlets for their time and energy.

Helping families deal with the issues of substance use, defiant behavior, failing grades, learning disorders, and behavioral issues has been the focus of Building Bridges for over two decades. We understand the fracture these behaviors create and the damage they bring to the family. Guiding adolescents through this troubling time can be a daunting task. Often these issues reach a point beyond the family’s ability to cope.

Through the use of individually designed treatment plans, a strong 12-step program, and a positive peer environment, our licensed counselors act as a guides to success. Our students undergo one-on-one sessions, group sessions, and peer feedback in order to receive the constant reinforcement and support they need during this learning period. Each day brings a new opportunity to advance therapeutically and academically; which when properly built upon, can form the foundation of a new life.

Using a broad range of therapeutic interventions and tools, we build an experience unique to the student and his specific challenges. Our counseling team works together to ensure all possible avenues are explored and the students has the best possible chance for a positive outcome. This is an ongoing process resulting in an adaptive treatment plan designed to grow with your son. The therapy our students experience in the house is coupled with.

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