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240 Ogden Cyn, Ogden, Utah, USA 84401-0958

Do you have children struggling in several aspects of their life? At Canyon River Ranch, we take a different approach to helping children struggling with a variety of problems. We work with children dealing with eating disorders, criminal behaviors, mental health conditions, substance abuse, and more. Our goal is to bring your family peace by working with youth to help them understand how to overcome these problems and cope with them now & in the future. We want to help families move forward hand-in-hand with a hopeful future.

The young men that come to Canyon River Ranch are often dealing with behavioral issues and complicated emotional issues. We address these issues with the young men and implement our proven techniques to ensure our patients are able to find peace. We focus on connecting these young men to themselves and finding peace with their life before integrating them back into their daily routine with their loved ones.

At Canyon River Ranch, we are dedicated to the success of our youth. We specialize in male youths, ages 12-17. With over 7 years of clinical experience in dealing with at-risk youth, our dedicated team of professionals is here to provide effective treatment for both inpatient and outpatient needs. Our multi-faceted program is designed to help empower youth to create constructive goals, make positive choices, & to commit to healthy life changes.

Canyon River Ranch uses highly individualized therapeutic interventions to empower youth to change their lives for the better. We feel that changing the thinking & behaviors that lead to poor choices is the key to getting better results. We focus on helping our clients identify what is important to them as individuals, & what they truly want out of life. We teach our youth to focus on their goals in order to lead happy & healthy lives.

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