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164 NW Hawthorne Ave, Bend, Oregon, USA 97703

Cascade Crest Transitions is a program designed specifically to work and empower young adults. Our students are ages 18-23, who are struggling in their launch to become healthy independent adults. A typical profile of our students’ challenges might include: difficulty sustaining healthy relationships, problematic mood and anxiety related issues, mild learning disorders, lack of social confidences, and motivation, and drug /alcohol use. We offer a setting, in which students develop healthy, independent-living skills, while receiving support and supervision from our licensed therapists, academic advisors, and dedicated independent living staff.

Cascade Crest Transitions differentiates itself from other transitional programs for young adults by providing academic support in a transitional setting. The combination of strong academics with therapeutic and clinical support creates a safe environment for young adults to experience success and failure with real world scenarios. Cascade Crest Transitions offers a unique program setting strong both academically and clinically.

Cascade Crest Transitions offers a young adult transitional program based in beautiful Bend, Oregon. We’ve created a safe environment where students feel comfortable growing and improving and apply their new skills sets in a real world setting through a strong clinical & academic program.

Our program is comprised of two distinct phases: Belay Phase, Ascent Phase, with our Summit Phase available to appropriate alumni. The Belay Phase begins with a three to four month structured daily schedule & supervision. The Ascent Phase follows with a six month independent living experience & opportunity to become more independent.. The Summit, or alumni, phase of the program allows students to continue to receive individual therapy, academic advising & drug-screening as they transition to life as an healthy independent young adult.

Providing the highest quality therapeutic program of mental health and recovery services to help young adults.

Admissions Contact Name: Sarah Casson Rush

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