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Ground Breaking
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198 Cooper Rd, Westminster, South Carolina, USA 29693-3309

Cherokee Creek Boys School is a therapeutic boarding school for boys nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains in Westminster, South Carolina. Our talented staff provides a warm and nurturing environment for 40 boys — ages 10-15 in grades 5 through 9 — to discover a sense of hope and optimism for their future.
Our mission is to
“challenge boys and their families to discover
what is real and true about themselves and the world around them.”
All elements of our program support this mission of investigation and self-discovery… for the entire family!
On campus we provide,

An accredited academics school…

a multi-faceted therapy program…

time outdoors to explore and learn nature’s lessons…

daily exercise to keep fit and prepare the brain for learning…

free time for play, hobbies, being with friends, reading or reflection…

a rich and diverse sports program…

and a healthy diet.

Very few of us would choose to go back through adolescence. It is hard enough for a healthy child to navigate this awkward, self-conscious, hormone-filled stage of life… but this journey is even more painful for kids with challenges. Predictably, the last thing an adolescent boy feels about himself is that he is unique, special or valuable!
CCBS strives to bring life back to balance. By slowing things down to nature’s rhythm, boys have time to untangle the issues that have been so painful. With the careful mentorship of our CCBS team, they learn to make healthy choices and to practice life skills that will be part of their toolkit for success post-Cherokee Creek.
Please be sure to watch our video in the upper right corner and click on the buttons below to learn more about what makes Cherokee Creek a special place for boys and their families.

Admissions Contact Name: Shaler Black Cooper

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Phone: 864-647-1885

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