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Discovery Ranch for Girls

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4928 N 4500 W, Cedar City, Utah, USA 84721-5632

At the Ranch, our residential therapy program helps girls who struggle with a variety of emotional & behavioral issues. These problems have typically disrupted family life. School performance may also suffer as troubled girls turn away from the people & activities they once enjoyed. They often appear to be spiraling downward with no way of stopping the free-fall.
Mood Disorders
Low self-esteem
Adoption or Attachment issues
Self harm
Suicidal ideation
Body image
Grief and Loss
ADHD / Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Substance Abuse and other Addictions
Eating disorders
Learning Disorders
Opposition defiance
Non Verbal Learning Disability
Dual diagnosis

Take the assessment here for a closer evaluation of your daughter’s problems. This confidential assessment is designed to help you determine whether or not professional help might be beneficial for your child. If you like, you can discuss your daughter’s unique problems with an admissions counselor.

Discovery Ranch for Girls is unlike any other therapeutic setting. At our home for troubled girls, your daughter will learn to become self-aware. She’ll recognize her true identity, not just hide behind an image. Your daughter will also learn to recognize & regulate her emotions. She’ll understand what safe, healthy relationships look like and why she is deserving of them. She’ll become more self-confident as she takes responsibility for her choices.
These changes occur as girls work with mentors and therapists in a therapy model that focuses on relationships. At Discovery Ranch, we like to say that we model, mentor, and motivate our students. Girls are inspired to change because they see their therapists and mentors as people who genuinely care about them, people they look up to and want to emulate.
We are a school for troubled teenage girls, so our girls receive an education alongside their therapy.

Admissions Contact Name: Daryn Reiner

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Phone: 855-667-9388

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