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1308 S 1600 W, Mapleton, Utah, USA 84664-4221

Our program will not rescue your son from difficult life experiences. But we will help him learn how to deal with them. At the Discovery Ranch treatment program for troubled teens, your son will enjoy the benefits of intensive therapy combined with powerfully effective experiential learning activities. He will acquire the tools he needs to recognize and regulate his emotions so that he can control his actions. Once your son masters these skills, the positive changes to his behavior will last a lifetime.

The Clinical Services at Discovery Ranch consist of one of the most clinically experienced therapeutic teams among treatment programs for trouble teens. All our certified clinicians possess a Masters or Doctorate degree, and all staff have the experience necessary to help your son. Our clinicians are also specialized in working with troubled youth. On average, a single therapist will work with six students. This low caseload means that your son’s therapist will be able to give your son’s needs the time and attention they deserve. As a result, you can be confident your son is receiving the best care possible.

The Discovery Ranch treatment model is built on a foundation of experiential therapy designed to build strong relationships. Therapists, mentors, teachers, and staff will all work side-by-side your son every day. At Discovery Ranch, therapy occurs in the moment, not just in the office. Whether caring for bottle-fed calves, working with horses, or participating in Sand Tray Therapy, your son will engage in therapeutic learning almost all day long. Because of the many new and interesting experiences, he will be more open to the therapeutic process, and may hardly even realize therapy is taking place. This experienced-based model of therapy has proven highly effective among troubled teens.

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