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PO Box 139, Saint Martinville, Louisiana, USA 70582-0139

Evangelhouse Christian Academy is a specialty, fourteen-bed therapeutic boarding school for girls offering 6th through 12th grades. The academy offers a unique integration of licensed clinical therapy with non-denominational Christian values. The school’s DBT and EMDR therapy are ideal to treat students who may internalize emotional distress, depression, anxiety, and social problems.

Our mission is to serve as the premier Christian option in the marketplace of high-quality residential treatment centers. If you are a Christian parent with a troubled teen daughter and you are comparing residential treatment centers, therapeutic boarding schools, wilderness programs, boot camps, drug rehab centers, or other psychiatric treatment - you don't have to abandon your Christian faith in order to get the highest quality clinical care. Evangelhouse offers a Christian focused treatment model supporting your values and integrating spiritual,therapeutic, academic, social and physical areas of wellness.

Each stage of therapeutic development has its own set of tasks, privileges, and time requirements. Stages serve as a way to measure progress. As students work their way through each stage, parents gain clarity for setting goals, acknowledge positive accomplishments, and highlight what actions need to be taken next.

Parents have a great deal of input into goal setting, treatment planning, and stage promotions. Parents maintain contact with their daughter through frequent phone calls, mail, and in-person visits. The typical student takes twelve months to realize all five therapeutic stages, but it can take up to eighteen months. In that time, parents have the benefit of seeing God work in their daughter's life in a measurable way that impacts the entire family.
If you would like to explore Evangelhouse as an option for your family, complete our free online assessment and we will schedule a no obligation call to review it with you.

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