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67 Captain Cushman Rd, Morrill, Maine, USA 04952-5035

If you are considering a private therapeutic school for your loved one, we invite you to personally review the many benefits of Ironwood Maine. With the collective experience that comes with having helped over 600 families, we continue to successfully teach positive life principles to our resident teens and improve connections within their family systems. We do understand your struggle and we can help you during this difficult time.

It's All About Building Relationships
Ironwood Maine was purposefully designed to operate in an atmosphere where activities and intensive therapy center on cooperative work projects and relationship building. The mid-coast Maine countryside and culture support the learning environment, and the natural setting facilitates introspection, value clarification, and hard work that are easily applied to academics and in the learning of new life skills.

Residing at Ironwood, adjacent to the scenic Frye Mountain Wildlife Management area, allows a teen freedom from distractions to reflect about where he or she wants their life to go and how they can get on track to making their dreams a reality. The simplicity and serenity of the farm provides teens with the opportunity to rediscover core values and develop skills to cope with living in a new environment away from family and negative peer group influences. The back-to-basics farm environment helps teens develop a relationship with the natural world and learn how to get along with others in healthy and cooperative ways. The remote natural woodland setting also helps struggling teens evaluate the results of their choices and encourages them to develop improved strategies & problem-solving skills.

A Safe Environment, Free of Distractions to Heal the Soul
Ironwood Maine is a rural farm nestled in the densely wooded mid-coastal region of Maine, situated on nearly 400 acres of private waterways, pastures & woodlands, surrounded by an extensive wildlife.

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