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12550 E State Highway, Georgetown, Texas, USA 78626-2430

Meridell Achievement Center opened in 1961 in Liberty Hill, Texas. We started as an emotional growth ranch with one residence for 15 teenage boys. Over the years, Meridell has evolved into a coed medical model residential treatment center.

In 1961, Liberty Hill was a rural community on the outskirts of Austin. Today, highways make Liberty Hill a northwest suburb of Austin with an easy commute to the city center and international airport.

We recognize that purposeful misbehavior is very different than irritable behavior. The adolescent who reaches repeatedly for the hot stove tests limits and is in control. We call this behavioral. The youth who tantrums or “melts down” is out of control. We call this neurobehavioral.
For our youths, ages 11 to 17, we find very different underlying causes for these types of behaviors. Therefore, the milleus or clinical environments of our behavioral and neurobehavioral programs are very different.

Adolescent psychiatrists direct treatment teams comprised of licensed master-level therapists, nurses, recreational therapists, youth care counselors and teachers. These teams are supported by a neuropsychologist, psychologist and registered dietician and receive consultation by a pediatric neurologist and neuropsychiatrist.

Every referral to Meridell Achievement Center is considered on a case-by-case basis. Consideration includes review of prior treatment. Each patient’s apparent symptoms, medical records and our own assessments during intakedetermine the program to which they are admitted.

Patients are considered for each program based on clinical assessments and records, psycho-social history and other medical records. Admitted patients can transition between programs after further assessment, observation and progress. Tests, evaluations and medications can be utilized across programs.
Every year, approximately 450 families from over 40 states and other countries bring their adolescents to Meridell Achievement Center. Throughout our years of providing comprehensive treatment.

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