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multicultural teen boys holding books and talking at home
multicultural teen boys holding books and talking at homenfs
1268 N Valley Heights Circle, Heber City, Utah, USA 84032

New Focus Academy helps students gain the skills necessary for greater independence and success. Students engage in educational, experiential, vocational, and social training based on their unique abilities and needs. Our clinically sophisticated approach to helping students build independence and emotional resilience provides opportunities for them to grow and thrive.

Building Self-Confidence by Teaching Independence
If your child struggles with high-functioning autism spectrum disorder or other neurodevelopmental issues, you may worry if your son or daughter can develop meaningful relationships and learn life skills to live independently. In addition, many children with these challenges have low-self esteem and feel isolated from others in their peer group.

New Focus Academy believes all teens need the chance to live productive, independent lives. Our therapeutic residential treatment program gives adolescents (ages 12-18) struggling with developmental delays a chance to gain the necessary skills to live independently. Through clinically sophisticated methods and immersive experiential activities, teens grow emotionally and socially while learning and applying valuable life skills.
At New Focus Academy, we know each student comes to us with a unique mind, background, skill set, and personal experience. Our team works with your family and child to find the specific evidence-based approaches that will help to build confidence, social growth, and motivation to become productive and self-sufficient.

Autonomy—the ability to make an informed decision. Many of our students’ parents worry about their child’s ability to make healthy decisions and lead independent lives. Helping students reach their highest level of autonomy motivated John Webb and Dr. Brandon Park to develop the Autonomy Development Model. The model combines the student’s progression through the stages of autonomy with the treatment team’s changing approach as we work together to increase the student’s autonomy & quality of life.

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