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Troubled Teens program _ Outback Therapy
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Troubled Teens program _ Outback TherapyOutbackTherapeuticPRINTfiles2012_jleahy (30 of 30)
Utah, USA 84043

When your child is suffering from depression, engaging in dangerous behaviors, or declining in school, it affects the entire family culture. What may begin as a moderate challenge can easily become a serious crisis. Family systems are constantly changing as children develop autonomy, family roles become altered, and life’s challenges are experienced. These changes can often have a dividing effect on a family’s culture. Outback specializes in helping parents and their struggling teens come together to create healthy bonds, strong culture and a united family. Outback offers comprehensive assessment and treatment for teens ages 13-17 in a multi-disciplinary wilderness program. Our short-term, intermediate treatment options place strong emphasis on healthy relationships, increased self-efficacy, and a healthy amount of autonomy through skill building.

Various studies back the idea that wilderness programs for troubled youth work. In the proper circumstances, we see youth grow as individuals and progress toward properly being able to deal with their problems and make healthier life choices. This happens when a teen is able to separate herself or himself from their negative influences, detox from technological dependence and create strong bonds with others in similar circumstances as them. Wilderness programs really work to help teens on a group level as well as the individual level. Outback uses wilderness therapy in order to create a positive environment for the teens to experience the growth they need for success out in the real world. For Outback, wilderness therapy means our students cultivate strong connections with both their family and their groups. They attend daily sessions and learn new ways to interact with the group. They also learn new ways to grow as individuals in both mind and body. They’re given specific goals for how they can improve themselves and their interactions with others.

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