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11965 Venice Blvd Ste 202, Los Angeles, California, USA 90066-3954

At Psychological Care and Healing Center, restoring a person’s sense of purpose, hope and self-respect is part of the same process as psychological recovery. We provide highly sophisticated psychological care while supporting our clients’ connections to the larger community and their pursuit of life goals. PCH is an alternative to traditional residential settings and psychiatric hospitals. We are an intensive treatment program with integrated primary and transitional levels of care. We are unique in that we feature a highly experienced clinical team and a “real world” treatment model focusing on mind and body wellness.

At PCH, we see each client as our partner in the treatment process. Each client assumes an active role in their own treatment, starting when they first arrive at PCH. Clients set specific goals and create an individualized treatment plan in conjunction with their Client Program Director and treatment team. PCH actively supports each client in pursuing these goals — helping them return to their most deeply desired educational or vocational track, regaining their rightful role in the world, and recapturing their belief in their own ability to realize their dreams. We de-pathologize and remove stigmatizing psychiatric labels. Our goal is to help our clients heal from past social injuries & prevent them from experiencing further trauma that can occur in the traditional psychiatric system.

At PCH, one of our primary goals is to alleviate the suffering & potential dysfunction that psychological symptoms can cause. We hope to alleviate the serious social damage & trauma often suffered by individuals diagnosed with & treated for mental health issues. Accordingly, we provide a non-stigmatizing, non-pathologizing holistic treatment philosophy. At PCH, we believe that staying connected to the world is central to an individual getting better.

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