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800 - 2 St Clair Ave, East Toronto M4T2T5

Located near Shelburne, Ontario, Pine River Institute is a residential treatment centre and outdoor leadership experience for youth 13 to 19 struggling with addictive behaviours and often other mental health issues.
Pine River Institute offers adolescents and their families room for hope. The first and only program of its kind in Canada, Pine River uses a four-stage approach to treatment: wilderness, residence, transition and aftercare support. Combining therapy with a fully-accredited education program, Pine River reinforces the healthy life skills required for a successful future.
“...You all care about and love the children back to wholeness...It is so painful to be separated from your child, but when you know how much they are being cared for, and you know where they were headed, they could not be in a better more loving place.”

We are committed to helping adolescents struggling with addictive behaviours, frequently combined with other mental health challenges. By fostering maturity in a family-centred program, we help young people get their lives, their relationships, and their futures back on track. We are dedicated to treatment excellence, research and evaluation, continuous improvement, and the exchange of knowledge.

Pine River Institute is the only treatment centre of its kind in Canada. Our program encompasses four seamless phases that support a youth’s and family’s gradual development, allowing time to learn, practice and mature. Our students progress through the phases as they are ready. There is no set length of stay (the average is 12-14 months), and each family’s needs are unique. We offer continuous intake and operate 365 days a year, 24 hours per day.

The OLE phase, lasting 6-8 weeks, is the starting place for change. The wilderness exposes and calls upon the strengths of the mind, body, spirit and emotions, thus creating opportunities to begin rebuilding.

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