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Fitness Warm Up - Credit Toby Canham
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1333 NW 9th St, Prineville, Washington state, USA 98024-7403

At reSTART, we coach people to discover and better understand the underlying conditions impacting a person’s life. In addition to ruling out any medical condition, we assess and treat co-occurring conditions which impair a healthy quality of life. For example, a person may have a diagnosis of depression, which we believe, must be examined alongside any screen addiction. Treating one and not the other concurrently may lead to a worsening of depressive symptoms.

Innovative care begins with brilliant, dedicated, and experienced people. And we’re not talking about our staff here (although they are brilliant too.) We’re talking about the like minded people who join us for an intensive screen free experience.

Is it tough? It can be. Is it difficult? It most certainly is. But the people who abandon their devices for a period of time, build a plan for sustainable digital use, and go out and live their plans. Well, they’re just absolutely astounding.

And we get the privilege of connecting, and witnessing change every day. Ordinary people, living extraordinary lives-taking their digital dependence, and channeling it in life enriching ways. Perhaps that’s why our outcomes are so good. Because the people who join us, well, they are just that good too. They just need a little nudge, and mentors who care.

And that’s where we come in. We offer world-class video game addiction treatment, in addition to our Internet gaming disorder treatment and support for mental health conditions.
Being the first in the nation to treat internet gaming disorder was born from experience, not guesswork. Our leadership team understood two fundamental issues – the world of digital design and development from the inside, and the ways in which digital advancement impacts overall health and wellness. For over a decade, we’ve led the field in providing innovative cutting-edge care.

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