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Discover Seven Stars, Layton, Utah, September 10, 2016.
Copy of DSCN2873Discover Seven Stars, Layton, Utah, September 10, 2016.
2650 W 2700 S, Syracuse, Utah, USA 84075

Adolescence can present many challenges for teens who are falling behind their peers due to the neurological and developmental lags associated with ASD and ADHD. Seven Stars is a premier residential program for teens with neurodevelopmental disorders. Whether diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental disorder to date or not, Seven Stars’ students are those who struggle socially, emotionally, and academically.

We put it all together into one comprehensive program driven by experienced experts on how best to assess and help your special student. Seven Stars has a sophisticated, evidence-based, theoretical, and clinical foundation. Multidisciplinary treatment and support are essential for success in treating the neurodevelopmental, learning, psychiatric, communication, emotional, social, and behavioral complications associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Seven Stars’ outcome-driven, innovative Autism, and neurodiverse program design combine residential treatment, a specialized academic program, and outdoor adventure experiences.

Our distinctive neurodiverse and Autism program design provides a multidisciplinary approach including holistic functional observation and assessment. It offers our team critical insights into your child’s functional strengths and needs and enables us to refine the accuracy of your family’s care and long-term recommendations.

For instance, perhaps a child struggles academically and has been diagnosed with ADHD. The school setting might be an area where the student lacks confidence and specific study skills. They might grow anxious and react emotionally to frustration or failures. Perhaps by improving their study skills, giving them ways to cope with stress and anxiety, building confidence, and improving their activity levels outside the classroom they demonstrate better focus and greater success in the classroom. This might lead us to change the diagnosis or confirm the ADHD diagnosis, but the important part is, thanks to the comprehensive nature of Seven Stars, this child has gained specific skills to succeed. We look for win-win solutions.

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