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2200 Price Rd, Martin, Georgia, USA 30557-3457

As parents, we will never make a more important investment than the investment we make in our children. Residential care can be a costly investment. This is why Shepherds Hill Academy seeks to provide you with the greatest return on your investment. The life of your child is both precious and priceless. This is why Shepherds Hill Academy spares nothing to bring healing to your troubled teen, as well as to your entire family. Below are just some of the many reasons why families are choosing Shepherds Hill Academy to help them bring hope and healing.

Shepherds Hill Academy offers a high quality combination of strategies with our healing approach. Here’s a brief list of what Shepherds Hill Academy provides:
State-licensed therapeutic wilderness component
One-on-one office therapy, group therapy, and equine therapy
On-campus fully-accredited academy, certified teachers, and teacher’s aids
24/7 and 365 care with a 5-to-1 student-to-staff ratio, and an on-campus nurse
Gender separated with gender specific staff, classrooms, and wilderness sites
Shepherds Hill Academy offers a loving and committed discipleship team who all serve under the umbrella of a biblical worldview. Our Christ-centered approach to healing culminates with an emphasis on renewal of the individual and their family.

Shepherds Hill Academy is staffed with some of the most qualified on-campus therapists, counselors, teachers and ministers in their field. They are also men and women who are dedicated to a biblical worldview. They maintain a thorough understanding of how today’s negative cultural influences affect teens and families. Their commitment is to God through Christ, assuring a wise and loving dedication to you and your child that cannot be rivaled.

A far cry from the chaotic culture we live in today, students find a peaceful oasis at Shepherds Hill Academy that is conducive for healthy relationships, learning, improved behavior.

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