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1605 Danielson Rd, Kalispell, Montana, USA 59901-7252

At Summit Prep School our desire is to encourage diversity and inclusiveness. This is because our developmental model is based on the premise that promoting healthy maturity entails helping teens adjust to life in the real world, so we seek to promote as normalized a treatment setting as possible. This extends to our choice of therapeutic activities, campus design, campus location, recreational choices, and social activities; and also extends to creating a diverse student population so students learn to interact positively with teens different from them. This helps prepare them for the diversity of the real world once they leave Summit.

What this means for your teen is that at times they may get to know others who are quite different from them related to such factors as race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression (transgender), age, sexual orientation, national origin (ancestry), and disability. We believe these are wonderful opportunities for personal growth for your teen as he or she is introduced to diversity within Summit Prep’s supervised & nurturing environment. This is good practice for the real world. As parents you play a key role in this process, so if you have any concerns in regards to your teen’s experience we encourage you to contact us.

An Upward Spiral offers parents ways of addressing their teen’s struggles by supporting the formation of more mature coping & relationship skills. Instead of being the sign of an inevitable downward spiral, troublesome behavior is recognized as an opportunity for parents to promote an upward spiral in their teen’s maturity as they move towards becoming a successful adult!

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