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870 W Center St, Orem, Utah, USA 84057-5202

At Telos we help teenage boys dealing with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, addiction, social problems, and learning differences. Our caring staff use proven clinical therapies coupled with the power of healing relationships to promote deep, lasting change. Our aim is to help teens live principle-based lives characterized by insightful choices. Telos is a place where boys find clarity, healing, and direction.

Program size is an important factor in treatment effectiveness. Smaller programs (10-12 students) are intimate and individualized. Larger programs (50+ students) allow students to apply new skills in a setting that more closely mirrors real life. After much research and experimentation, Telos has found a way to retain the benefits of both small and larger settings. Your son will be a member of a small team (12 students). This team functions like a "program within a program." There he will receive intimate, highly individualized care. As he progresses, portions of his day will be spent mingling with the larger population, allowing him to "road-test" his skills in a setting that more fully prepares him for life outside treatment.

In addition to small teams and high staff ratios, each student selects one mentor that serves as a personal Principles Coach throughout his stay. This staff works very closely with the student and his therapist, and may occasionally participate in individual therapy sessions. The Principles Coach is there to assist the boy with specific needs and serves as a source of support and encouragement.

Each staff member's personal character is the most important qualification in the hiring process. We avoid hiring staff who will want to engage in power struggles and actively train all staff in relationship effectiveness techniques. Because we expect our mentors to do more than just "hang out" with our students, Telos is a training-intensive program.

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