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There is a gap in services available to college-bound emerging adults like you who are working through mental health challenges or who are on the autism spectrum. You have the aptitude and desire to continue your education, but living independently or in a dorm may seem like too much to handle while adjusting to college life.
So, imagine attending college at the right pace while living in a residential setting that balances independence with the right structure and support.

The Brooke Whitted Center (BWC) fills that gap.

Few transitional living centers exist in the U.S. that offer full-time, individualized treatment for emerging adults who have had difficulties living on a campus, in an independent apartment, or with family at home.
The BWC’s post-high school transition center offers 18 to 25 year-olds the opportunity to gain additional independent living skills while continuing therapy and exploring higher education and employment options.

The program is tailored to meet your needs, allowing you to experience a wide range of educational, vocational, social, and cultural opportunities throughout Chicago. The BWC is designed to offer you support creating plans and making healthy decisions. And when life doesn’t work out as planned, the BWC enables flexibility so that natural consequences are experienced as opportunities for growth.
What further distinguishes the BWC from other programs is the 24/7 support. A member of our transitional team is always on-site and available, no matter the time of day or night.
The BWC promotes practical life management and coping skills in a home, academic, and, when appropriate, employment setting. The BWC’s two locations maximize therapeutic, living, employment, educational, social, and cultural opportunities and support.

You’ll live in the Brooke Whitted House (BWH), the Center’s full-time independent living residence housed in a modern condominium building.

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