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PO Box 1160, Dillwyn, Virginia, USA 23936-1160

When a child has needs that exceed the capacity of their home or their local community, life can become chaotic. Enrollment at The Discovery School of Virginia can provide the time and space necessary to develop new interpersonal tools and skills to grow and succeed. We seek to teach our students there is a positive future they can skillfully navigate with honesty, perseverance, cooperation, responsibility and integrity.

The Discovery School of Virginia supports transformation to a positive future through the long-term camping experience, rigorous academics, and integrated transitional and family support services. The Discovery School uses a relational therapeutic approach focusing on the power of positive relationships to stabilize, heal, and personally grow. This process encourages the student to become self-confident and promotes an improved ability to live and work within a community. Each day offers the group opportunities for meaningful work, learning, appreciation, and fun. All must contribute, and so all have the chance to belong.

Many of our referred students have been described as:
Emotionally reactive, impulsive, or immature
Having learning, emotional, or behavioral disorders
Experiencing chaotic and/or negative interpersonal relationships
Having unresolved family issues
Having a history of trauma or early life attachment disruptions
Exhibiting poor executive skills and poor peer choices

All of our students can benefit from structure, nurturance, challenge, goal-oriented living and the opportunity to build meaningful interpersonal relationships with positive peers and adults.

We offer on-site:
Licensed individual and family counseling
Regular and special education
Vocational education
Substance abuse recovery
Medications management

Our Admissions staff is ready to help you with your questions or your referral for placement at The Discovery School.

Admissions Contact Name: Mark Mellusi

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Phone: 434-983-5616

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