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PO Box 345, Escalante, Utah, USA 84726-0345

Real Ranch At Turn-About Ranch, we place great emphasis on providing authentic experiences through which our students can learn and grow. Because we are a real, working cattle ranch, students come to appreciate what they do isn’t “busywork” or punishment—they are completing important tasks essential to the continued productive operation of the ranch.

As students begin to embrace the value of real work, they begin to take greater pride in their work and develop a strong sense of ownership over their responsibilities.
Real Values We encourage students to develop values at Turn-About Ranch. Real values are something teens often forget or ignore as they get caught up in popularity contests, the desire to get the latest gadgets, and the hunger to appear “cool” in the eyes of their peers.

Turn-About Ranch is a Christian-based residential treatment program. We teach traditional ethics and morals and help troubled teens learn how important the values of honesty, respect, teamwork, and accountability are to their success now and in the future.

Real Change At Turn-About Ranch, teens discover the great rewards of working within a family, developing trust toward one another, and earning respect.
Real change happens when students learn the value of a day’s work, experience the power of cooperation, and develop a stronger sense of accountability, respect, and compassion.

Our commitment to Excellence:
Clinical Excellence – We tirelessly pursue the best possible clinical outcomes for our clients.
Integrity – We accept only the highest standards with respect to honesty, ethics and morality.
Open Communication – We promote an environment where the sharing of knowledge, ideas, and opinions is expected of everyone.
Teamwork – We value the power of teamwork in every facet of our company.
Mutual Respect – We foster a culture where individual skills, experience, and talent are valued.

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