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31733 S Fork Yaak Rd, Troy, Montana, USA 59935-8681

We are often asked by our clients how we got into this business. The answer is a truly remarkable, even miraculous, story of a tragedy turned triumph.
No one ever expects tragedy to hit their lives, and yet as untimely, and as unexpected, and as unwelcome as it is, it happens. For John and Charmaine Baisden, the very unthinkable occurred just a little over 20 years ago. The day was passing as any normal day, until they received a phone call from the local police department informing them that their daughter, just 17 years of age, had been shot and killed. No one can ever be prepared for such a call. A whirlwind of emotions began to run rampant and whole lives were turned upside down.

In the years prior to this horrific tragedy, the Baisdens tirelessly struggled trying to figure out just how to best help their daughter find her way back to a full and happy life, as they could see some of her choices were leading to a life that was destined to bring the opposite. Heartbroken and desperate, they tried everything they knew possible. They tried counseling, making adjustments in their own parenting approaches, soliciting help from extended family, and the list goes on. At the time, they had no idea that schools for struggling teens even existed, and so, for them, it seemed they had exhausted all the possible resources. Unfortunately, as fate would have it, time was against them, and their daughter’s life was cut short before she could get the help she needed.

The impact of this incident changed the lives of the Baisden family forever. After a time of deep mourning and serious reflection, a great passion began to emerge, and John & Charmaine were determined to dedicate their time, indeed their lives.

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