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PO Box 13411, Denver, Colorado, USA 80201-3411

The Urban Edge team comprises wilderness therapy, aftercare, and clinical professionals who share the belief that mentorship is a key to young adult success.
Urban Edge was founded, after seeing a need for a different kind of program – one offering a “semblance of real life.” For the right type of client, a highly individualized program that allows someone to find success on their own terms, helps maintain the changes and progress made, even after moving onward.

A city offers a balance between professional and personal growth, where clients have the opportunities to thrive both personally and professionally. Not only does Denver offer nature (and all its glory), but it’s a hub filled with progressive companies, the nation’s top schools and one of the best places in the US for young people to succeed.
There are no programmatic phases. The last thing we want is for a client to feel in a perpetual state of being in a program. Everything is tailored to meet each individual’s needs. This personalization is actually pretty rare, but we’ve found it highly beneficial to both gauge & underst & success as it relates to each client.

We work with each client to help place and connect them with mentorship opportunities aligning with their specific interests, passions and goals. We maintain professional and educational partnerships in and around Denver to ensure that we can accommodate even the most specific of interests.

Denver offers endless opportunities for growth during and post program. Clients establish a strong network in one of the country’s most thriving cities.
Denver has the highest percentage of high school and college graduates in the country, 400 miles of bike paths running through and around the city, and is listed in the top 10 cities in a ranking of the nation’s best places for young adults.

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