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11 Bobcat Blvd, Windsor, New Hampshire, USA 03244-7419

Wediko Children’s Services is home to some of the country’s most passionate and dedicated child development professionals who help children and families increase safety, strength, and resiliency. Our leading professionals come from a broad spectrum of educational backgrounds including clinical psychologists, social workers, neuropsychologists, mental health counselors, guidance counselors, special educators, and more. This diversity of training disciplines and life experiences adds richness and flexibility to Wediko’s therapeutic capabilities, spanning across various psychodynamic and behavioral models. Wediko then hones the evidence-informed practices from each discipline and blends them into an approach that is uniquely Wediko. Integrating these models of clinical treatment into academic settings helps avoid duplication of services and discourages the artificial split between academic and clinical needs. The addition of Wediko’s psychopharmacology practice ensures that a truly integrated team serves each child’s needs in natural, healthy environments.

Established in 1934, Wediko Children’s Services works with students who have faced repeated obstacles in their lives due to a broad spectrum of social, emotional, behavioral, and learning challenges; such as depression and bipolar disorders, Asperger’s Syndrome, anxiety, loss, and trauma. The impact of these struggles is profound, often resulting in repeated failures at school, compromised relationships with peers, and significant tensions within their own families. These disappointments can become self fulfilling prophecies where children act out their identities through narrow definitions.

At Wediko, children are not defined by their diagnoses or by their failures; instead, they are free to become the best versions of themselves with nurturance and support. We inspire children to step outside of confining definitions and explore new areas of interest. We help children and their families consider new opportunities and strategies to break the habits that have gotten them stuck. We model for teachers how students are resilient learners who will be successful whenever they can.

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