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12595 S Minuteman Dr, Draper, Utah, USA 84020-9541

At Youth Care, we treat adolescents between the ages of 11 and 18 by utilizing comprehensive and professional therapeutic care. We strive to help promote change in adolescents that are struggling with problems such as depression, self-esteem issues, substance abuse and much more.

Not only do we open our doors to these types of adolescents, but we have also created a comfortable, home-like environment that allows them to apply their learned behaviors to a setting that they are not only currently used to, but also will likely be engaged in after they leave the program.

As we work with our adolescents, we ensure that we are providing a foundation built off of mutual respect. Therefore, we expect everyone involved in the program (students, therapists, staff members, etc.) to treat others as they would want to be treated to help uphold this ideology.

During their time spent at Youth Care, our students will learn the values of everyday things such as chores and to show respect for others. In addition, they will also participate in counseling designed to help them achieve goals that will aid in their positive development.

At Youth Care, we also understand how important it is for our students to continue their education. As a result, we are a fully accredited academic program with certified teachers whose main goal is to help every single one of our students succeed educationally. Through this program, our students will also be able to earn credits and attend classes designed specifically for them by their team of teachers and therapists.

In addition to our academic program and counseling sessions, we make sure that we are providing our students with the opportunity to engage in fun activities that will double as a creative way of counseling. Therefore, we include all of our students

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