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What is Wilderness Therapy?

Wilderness therapy combines physical activity, individual therapy, and team building to help teens with mental health issues learn how to cope in healthier ways. Wilderness therapy is all about a change in perspective and rediscovering one’s strengths and motivation for change.


Natural Environment Reduces Levels of Stress

especially when away from negative influences at home.


Participation in Empowering Activities

build leadership skills and self-esteem, while having fun.


Encourages Self-Awareness

Through individual therapy and adventure activities, students are given time for self-reflection, considering how their past behaviors may influence personal goals. Students play a more active role in their healing.


Physical Health

Exercise is associated with better moods, more energy, and physical well being.

Why the East Coast

Transitional Living Programs are typically for individuals who have a history of or currently struggle with any of the following:

  • failure to launch syndrome
  • video game addiction
  • academic underachievement
  • social functioning problems
  • attachment issues
  • depression/anxiety
  • trauma
Facts about anxiety
Almost 1 in 3 Adolescents

will meet the criteria for an anxiety disorder by the age 18.

Only about 20%

Of young people with a diagnosable anxiety disorder get the treatment they need.

Prevalence of Any Anxiety Disorder

among adolescents was significantly higher for females (38%) than for males (26.1).

Anxiety Disorders

Are the most common mental illness in the US, affecting 18.1% of the population per year.

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