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Exercise Can Help Your Struggling Teen Relieve Depression Symptoms

Teens who struggle with depression may have a new way of treating their symptoms without medication. The effects of exercise have been extensively studied. It has proven beneficial for physical, emotional, and now mental health. A new clinical study recently published the positive effects of exercise for relieve depression. They studied the effects of exercise in teens who experience moderate depression. They also learned how exercise helps relieve those symptoms.

Facts About Depression

Depression is a leading mental illness among teens and young adults under the age of 25. Their depression symptoms may be caused by situations or determined by genetics. When depression does not get treated, the likelihood of teens developing further mental health issues later in life is greater. Despite this great need for treatment options, the availability of mental health services is low. Teens are also at a greater risk of not receiving treatment due to stigma or lack of mental health knowledge.

The Research

Researchers were inspired by a study on adults that showed physical activity can relieve depression symptoms with a moderate to large effect. The researchers studied the effects of any type of physical activity performed by teenagers. The physical activity had to at least have lasted a duration of 20 minutes or more. Over the course of 20 weeks, researchers studied approximately 106 young adults from 15-25 who had mild depression symptoms. These young adults exercised each day to help relieve depression and report their emotions during the study.

Study Results

In conclusion, the results were astounding. Physical activity showed a large improvement in depression symptoms. Although the study used all female participants, the researchers concluded that any form of physical activity is an incredible depression reliever. Teens need to experience more time moving and less time in front of a screen to see an improvement.

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