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Simple Ways to Help Your Teenager Relieve Anxiety

Walking is for more than just physical exercise. It’s beneficial for mental health as well. Studies show that walking thirty minutes a day can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. Teens living in this technology laden world spend countless hours sitting in front of a screen and not getting the recommended daily dose of exercise. This lack of movement is seriously stressing teens out. However, adding walking to their every day schedule relieves anxiety and stress making teens lives better.

New research finds that mindful walking is a greater remedy for teen who experiences stress and anxiety. Mindful walking is walking while staying in the present moment. Instead of thinking about the past or the future, mindful walking is spending time being more aware of their surroundings. Teens who concentrate on breathing while walking will relieve anxiety. Teens can relieve their anxiety by changing their state of mind.

Teens are so busy that they complain about not having time to exercise. Mindful walking is an activity that can only take fifteen to thirty minutes each day. This little amount of time can make big changes in a teen’s mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Remind teens that if they do become distracted during their walk, to gently focus their mind back to the present moment. When anxiety affects the brain, the rest of the body feels the stress. If a teens body feel better, than their mind will feel better. By being mindful while walking, teens can exercise both their mind and their body for optimal healing.

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