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Tim Jones

Tim Jones has spent the last couple of decades working with families seeking help for children struggling with behavioral and emotional challenges. In the past few years he has toured the country with his family and visited several amazing therapeutic programs. When he's not working with families, you can find Tim on the golf course or reading a book.

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Katie Smith

Katie Smith has over 15 years of experience working with struggling families with troubled teens. She completed her graduate work in psychology at Baylor University where she studied about the benefits of therapeutic programs. She loves to be outdoors and spend her time with her 12 year old daughter.

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Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown has a background in psychology and social work from West Virginia University. She has always been passionate about helping families and struggling teens. Her main focus is the familial structure and how it impacts teen behavior. In her personal time, she enjoys hiking with her dog, doing yoga, and gardening.

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