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“I Like to Move It”: Exercise Shown to Improve Mental Health and Wellbeing in Teens

The internet contains resources and tips for improving mental health and wellbeing in teens. The number one recommendation for improving wellbeing in teens is exercise. There are even numerous studies that support this suggestion, like a recent one by Yale University professors, that prove exercise improves mental wellbeing. The study is currently the largest one performed on this topic and has a lot of evidence that supports physical exercise.

Exercise is Important

Physical exercise, like walking, running, or even household chores, has been proven to be an effective tool in improving wellbeing. Teens who exercise regularly experience higher levels of positive mental health and wellbeing compared to those who do not engage in regular exercise. The study found that teens who exercise for 45 minutes three to five times a week experienced the highest levels of positivity. The sample of over one million participants found that exercise was associated with a lower mental health burden than previously reported.

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The Mental Health Benefits

Research shows that physical exercise has several positive health benefits, but mental health is one of the most important. Physical exercise is typically associated with lower BMI, better heart health, and longer endurance. Many researchers say most people do not feel comfortable to address mental health issues. Teens especially do not seek mental health treatment because they are embarrassed about feeling unwell. They do not want to be exposed to their peers. Researchers suggest teens use holistic methods, such as exercise, to improve their mental health.

Although there need to be more studies like this one on the effects of mental health, psychiatrists are implementing exercise in the well-being of teens. Many doctors intend to offer an exercise regimen to help improve mental health and wellbeing in teens. Teens who participate in regular strenuous activities will see a marked improvement in their wellbeing.

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