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Wilderness Therapy opens a new world for {State} teens and helps them heal

Wilderness therapy is a treatment option for {State} teens and their families to heal in a nurturing, supportive environment. Wilderness therapy is a well-respected form of therapy that has been widely researched as an effective form of treatment for teens and families. By using a well-rounded approach to mental and emotional therapy, wilderness therapy removes {State} teens from a toxic environment and engages them in adventure based therapy that helps them problem solve, build self-esteem, and communicate effectively with others. The aim of most wilderness therapy programs is to guide teens toward self-reliance and self-respect. wilderness therapy {State}

Traditional therapy typically relies on therapists to guide patients through a series of mental exercises designed to challenge thought processes. Wilderness therapy takes this tradition and moves it outside into unfamiliar and natural settings where {State} teens engage in experiences built around a teen’s specific needs. The program is individualized to each teen and the ultimate goal is to shape them into productive members of society. Many {state} teens learn to rely more on themselves and gain confidence in seeking appropriate help from peers and adults.

Most wilderness therapy programs often emphasize that {State} families engage in the program as well. It is well documented that when teens go home after a long period in wilderness therapy, they revert to their old habits because the family dynamic did not change. Many programs offer full weekend sessions specifically designed to accommodate family therapy to ensure success after teens leave the program.