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Wilderness therapy programs offer unique approach to {State} teen therapy

Wilderness therapy provides a supportive environment for {State} teens to discover themselves, learn life skills, communicate with peers and rebuild familial relationships. Through the use of several individualized adventure themed problems, teens can increase self-confidence, internal control and hope for their future. Wilderness therapy uses an eclectic therapeutic approach by combining traditional therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, and occupational therapy to address teen’s behavior. wilderness therapy {State}

Wilderness therapy programs also offer educational programs, problem solving activities, trust building activities, and outdoor activities which provide an accumulative, structured program necessary for healing. This experience helps {State} teens learn a greater sense of self-esteem, independence, patience, assertiveness, and maturity. During the program, they also learn how to develop healthy relationships with their peers and their families. Families are encouraged to participate in the program as well to ensure that when their teen returns home, they are in a supportive environment that will elevate their successes. 

By removing a {State} teen from home and placing them in an unfamiliar environment, teens become more aware of themselves and can build upon their confidences. The wild offers countless natural challenges that can build a teen’s courage to face real-world problems on their own. When they are guided by caring professionals, they become confident and self-reliant. Most programs encourage open communication, self-reliance, and group participation which can follow a {State} teen when they return to the real world.