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Wilderness Therapy Utilizes different methods to help {state} teens heal

Wilderness therapy programs help build confidence in {State} teens by identifying a teen’s needs and personalizing a plan for success. They focus on improving relationships, social skills, and self-confidence by utilizing several different therapy types in a well-rounded approach. The use of wilderness expeditions and team building exercises challenge and transform behavior into a more conducive attitude that is aligned with typical societal standards. The purpose of the program is to leave {State} teens with a greater understanding of who they are and how they connect with their families. 

Most wilderness therapy programs utilize eclectic therapeutic approaches by employing different proven techniques.

  1. Cognitive behavior therapy is most commonly used in traditional therapeutic approaches. Coupled with wilderness therapy and led by a licensed therapist, cognitive behavior therapy can help change a {State} teen’s life. CBT focuses on developing coping strategies that involve problem solving in the real world. Wilderness therapy uses the real world to build challenges for teens that mirror real world scenarios.
  2. Occupational therapy is another therapeutic technique that allows teens a hands-on approach to problem solving. In a wilderness therapy program, they are most often taught survival skills through individual and team building exercises.
  3. In-the-moment therapy is a newer technique that allows therapists to help teens focus on problem solving the moment a situation arises. Therapist guide {State} teens through their emotions and assist them in arriving at a solution.

Wilderness therapy is an incredible and effective way of helping {State} teens cope with life and with their families. It removes them from their toxic environment and allows them to learn problem solving skills that have real world applications. By teaching {State} teens how to communicate effectively with adults and their peers, they become confident in themselves and their abilities to succeed.