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What is inpatient treatment?

Making the decision between inpatient and outpatient treatment can be a difficult one. Inpatient refers to a variety of different treatment options in a residential environment. The structure of inpatient removes the influence of outside stressors and provides closer supervision for struggling teens.

Who needs inpatient treatment?
Anxiety disorders manifest themselves in several different ways.

While outpatient therapy works for some people, some people need more help than it can provide, especially if they are struggling with multiple issues for an extended period of time. Many teens that seek out inpatient treatment struggle with:

  • Feeling depressed or hopeless most of the time
  • Difficulty coping with life in general
  • Suicidal ideation or attempts
  • Body image issues and disordered eating
  • Anger management issues
  • Self-medicating with alcohol or drugs


Why inpatient vs outpatient

Outpatient usually describes individual therapy or support groups, up to a few hours a week.

Many people who choose inpatient treatment have decided that outpatient treatment has not been helpful enough. 

Benefits of inpatient:

  • Removes temptation of negative influences and coping skills
  • Breaks cycle of unhealthy behaviors
  • Structured daily schedule
  • Stronger connections with peers and mentors
  • More time to work on deeper issues
  • Medication management
% of teens struggle with mental illness

% of teens don’t receive appropriate treatment

Minimum of 90 days recommended for longer-term success

% of those who commit suicide struggle with mental illness

Treatment Options
Assessment Center

Focuses on stabilization and finding the right diagnosis

Residential Treatment Center

Focuses on individual and group therapy, often for specific issues

Therapeutic Boarding School

Incorporates accredited academics into therapeutic environment

Wilderness Therapy

Uses outdoor skills and adventure activities to help teens with behavioral and emotional issues

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