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Looking for Therapy for Young Adults? Here are Your Options

It is difficult to seek help for emotional, mental, and addictive issues. Parents try to help their young adult child find a life path. However, some issues may be too difficult for parents to handle alone. It is perfectly okay to seek outside therapy for young adults to help them combat mental health issues and drug addictions.

There are several therapy options for young adults. Some include residential treatment, talk therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy. However, there are two options that have proven effective in treating young adults and setting them on a positive path.

therapy for young adults
Wilderness Therapy

Most parents believe wilderness therapy is a rough therapy program for young adults that involves primitive living. It is common to believe that wilderness therapy thrust young adults into the wild and ask them to survive on their own. However, wilderness therapy is so much more than that. Young adults are guided on their quest to healing through therapeutic techniques.

Whole Wellness for Young Adults

Wilderness therapy for young adults is a transformative experience that involves intensive learning opportunities in the wilds of the United States. Young adults learn meaningful skills and work through their issues while building community and confidence in themselves. Wilderness therapy programs remove young adults from the stress and distraction of their home lives and put them in the beautiful wilderness. They are guided by licensed therapists and teachers through intervention techniques.

Young adults set therapeutic goals that address emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual-self. Young adults spend their time working through their pain through activities such as mountain biking, hiking, fishing, and other primitive activities. Young adults also work with others their age to learn cooperation and community building skills that translate into real life situations.

Transitional Living

Another therapy option for young adults is transitional living therapy. Transitional living programs offer a safe, secure environment for young adults to live and grow while learning how to be productive adults. Although transitional therapy for young adults is about learning how to live in the real world, many transitional therapy programs offer healing through traditional therapy techniques with licensed councilors.

Young Adults reach their full potential

Transitional living guides young adults to learn, heal, and grow in a supportive and structured environment. Many young adults have difficulties controlling their anxiety and depression. Many transitional therapy programs utilize mindful meditation and yoga to teach young adults how to recover peacefully.

Young adults do not always feel supported in their home. Transitional living therapy is designed to teach young adults how to live self-sufficiently. Young adults learn

  1. Money managements skills
  2. Educational skills, including GED programs
  3. Interpersonal skills
  4. How to navigate mental and physical health care needs
  5. General housekeeping skills.

Young adults learn how to support themselves and where to seek additional mental and physical assistance. Young adults receive individualized counseling, vocational support, and independent living skill training.

Both wilderness therapy and transitional living program offer a comprehensive therapy program for young adults that are supportive. They both allow young adults the opportunity to heal, grow, and learn to become productive members of society. They also learn how to take care of their own mental and physical needs that they may have not known before. Young adults learn how to step out of their comfort zone and build self-confidence through meaningful exercises.

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