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Sending Your Teen to Winter Wilderness Therapy? This is What it Will be Like

Let’s face it, sending our teens to winter wilderness therapy (or any form of therapy) can be a tough decision. Even though our teen’s mental health and well-being is a top priority, finding the right kind of help can be challenging.

Since wilderness therapy is a relatively new approach, many parents are somewhat confused about the therapeutic activities promoted by such programs. Nevertheless, wilderness therapy has gained massive popularity in recent years, thanks to its holistic approach to health and well-being. And the cold season is the ideal time for your teen to enjoy some winter sports and fun activities.  

What is wilderness therapy anyway?

In a nutshell, wilderness therapy is ‘traditional’ therapy in a natural setting. Children and adolescents partake in various outdoor activities under the supervision of licensed professionals who can help them deal with emotional and behavioral problems.

Through outdoor sports, group activities, and counseling (individual and group), teens learn to cope with life’s challenges healthily and functionally.

winter wilderness therapy
Here’s what winter wilderness therapy is all about:
1. A fun activity for the season

Winter can be a fun season if you spend it with like-minded people. And wilderness therapy programs offer plenty of exciting activities for children and adolescents.

There’s nothing more pleasant and relaxing than sitting in front of the fireplace, drinking hot chocolate and sharing stories. It’s also an excellent opportunity for some group counseling and other therapeutic activities.

2. Exciting winter sports

From skiing and snowboarding to good old fashion snowball fights, wilderness therapy during the cold season is exactly what your teen needs.

Give your teen the chance to enjoy winter to the fullest and solve his emotional and behavioral issues at the same time.

With professional instructors and licensed counselors, your child will benefit from all the help he/she needs to become a better and healthier individual.

 3. A chance to reconnect with nature

In a way, winter wilderness therapy – like any other outdoor therapy programs – is about reconnecting with nature. It’s about putting your smartphone or tablet away and enjoying some cold refreshing air.

Aside from winter sports, your teen will also get a chance to do some hiking and trail walking. Such activities build character, foster positive emotions, and encourage collaboration.

They say nature is the best teacher; a teacher that will help your teen grow into a happy and healthy adult.   

4. Healing emotional wounds through therapeutic activities

Wilderness therapy is not just about fun and games. Since most teens who partake in such programs deal with various emotional and behavioral problems, one of the primary goals of outdoor therapy is to create an environment where individuals can collaborate and support each other.

With the help of dedicated counselors, therapists, and other professionals, your child can explore the nature of his/her issues. Furthermore, he or she can discover healthy and functional ways to cope with life’s hassles.

All and all, winter wilderness therapy is an ideal option for your troubled teen – a place where he/she can rediscover himself/herself while having tons of fun.  

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