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The Effects of Technology Addiction on Teens

technology addiction

The teenage brain is in a crucial period of development between the ages of twelve and eighteen. They are developing key social and occupational skills that will follow them the rest of their lives. Teens, however, are exposed to a variety of technology that impacts their development and long-term success in life. Teens may develop technology addiction so severe that they are unable to be away from technological devices for long periods.

Research Behind Technology Addiction

Neuroscientists have spent hours researching the effect of technology addiction on teens and their malleable minds. They have discovered that the brain can reprogram itself, which is evidence for how constant exposure to technology has a major effect. Digital devices capture a teen’s attention. It rewards the pleasure centers of the brain and draw teens away from things they should be doing. Many teens insist that they can multitask. However, it is proven that multitasking causes a decrease in productivity.

technology addiction

Aggression is a major concern among parents and doctors. In fact, teens who experience technology addiction are more likely to become aggressive at school and at home. This can be exacerbated by playing violent video games. When teens are addicted to playing games, their brain changes their social perception of morality. Some studies suggest, however, that technology addiction in teens do not contribute to aggression and that gaming is better for the brain.

The Effects of Technology Addiction

The effects of technology addiction on teens is a heavily debated phenomenon. Some scientist suggest that brain-training games can enhance performance on certain tasks but can have a lasting negative effect. Games and technology can exercise teens brains to function quicker and learn skills. However, technology addiction has also been shown to impair concentration, self-control, and critical thinking skills. The result from all studies that link teens and technology addiction find that limiting teen’s access to technology can help them overcome an addiction. If you believe your teen is addicted to technology, please seek help.

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