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Teen Internet Addiction: Research Shows Devices May Keep Us from Happiness

Teen Internet Addiction Might Become a Serious Problem

With smartphones being increasingly cheaper and more accessible, teen internet addiction is on the verge of becoming a serious problem.

Nowadays, social media represents a huge part of our life. We text, share, like, and comment at an alarming pace, without ever stopping to think about the potentially harmful consequences of this behavior.

A recent post published by highlights the negative impact digital distraction can have on our day-to-day social interactions.

This year, digital media use was a hot topic at the American Psychological Association convention in San Francisco.

As Ryan Dwyer (M.A. of the University of British Columbia) pointed out: “Decades of research on happiness tell us that engaging positively with others is critical for our well-being. Modern technology may be wonderful, but it can easily sidetrack us and take away from the special moments we have with friends and family in person.”

Let’s look at some of the negative outcomes of social media use and teen internet addiction.

teen internet addiction
The Consequences of Digital Distraction and Teen Internet Addiction

Based on the studies presented at the convention, digital distraction can significantly affect the quality of our social interactions. For example, one study revealed that people who used their phones more frequently during hangouts enjoyed the experience less and felt more distracted.

After conducting in-depth studies on this topic, researchers reached an interesting conclusion. It appears there are specific personality and character traits that could predict digital distraction and heavy internet use.

For instance, people low in emotional intelligence who show less compassion and encounter difficulties in describing and processing emotions are more prone to using their phones during social interactions. Furthermore, self-centeredness and narcissism might also play a role in digital distraction.

By exploring these personality traits, experts can develop strategies to prevent teen internet addiction.

Next time you’re having dinner with your family or hanging out with friends, put your phone away and be present.