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Teen Violence Might Be Linked to Childhood Trauma

We know for a fact that teen violence represents a major concern for everybody. And to understand why some teens display violent behaviors, we must ask ourselves – How do children become violent teens?   

Over the years, experts have realized the full magnitude of the problem and started looking for answers. In fact, a recent global study concluded that teen violence might be linked to childhood trauma. But teen violence isn’t the only devastating consequence of adverse childhood experiences.  

teen violence
Teen violence: The outcome of a troubled childhood

The purpose of the study was to determine how adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) lead to severe problems later in life. To determine the negative impact on ACEs, researchers evaluated nearly 1,300 children from low- and medium-income areas across all five continents.

According to their data:

  • 46% of adolescents are dealing with violence
  • 38% are emotionally neglected
  • 29% are physically neglected.

If these numbers aren’t worrying enough, let’s look at the consequences of childhood trauma.

The consequences of poverty, abuse, and neglect

Based on the findings of this study, it seems adverse childhood experiences such as poverty, abuse, or neglect can have a tremendously negative impact on our young generation.

Both boys and girls who experience childhood trauma are more likely to resort to violence, bullying, and threatening. However, there are some notable gender differences.

While the impact of ACEs is more pronounced for boys, girls are more likely to develop depressive symptoms as a result of childhood trauma.

To sum up, researchers have once again proven that violence breeds violence. If we are to raise a healthier generation and achieve gender equality, we need to focus on boys and men just as much as we focus on girls and women.

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